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Winter has shown artwork internationally around the world including co-representing the Northern Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennial in 2016. His recent shows include: 'sky every day', with Richard Serra, N. Dash, Christine Corday, curated by B.Barretts Projects, projects+gallery, St Louis, 2020; Mahler Lewitt Residency, Spoleto 2019, ‘Can’t Help It’ (solo) at Black Tower Projects, London 2017; ‘‘No Regrets’ (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2018.

He has toured UK, Europe, Japan and Mexico with his musical collaborations Tracer AMC, Not Squares, Handyman, played Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and recorded numerous BBC sessions including Maidavale Studios in 2009 for Huw Stephens.

He has taught and lectured in many Universities around the world including Tokyo University of the Arts GEIDAI, NZU, RCA, ECA, UU and UCL. In 2013 he published the 'Handyman Aesthetic' for his PhD in philosophy, architecture and sculpture. He is the Head of Visual Arts at the University of East London.

SIDE AHeavy Metal
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SIDE BHeavy Metal
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Heavy metal is an arrangement of parts to form a whole. These parts were recorded at various points in time including:

1. Keef Winter and Bobby Barry live performance as in-conversation at Black Tower Projects at ‘I Can’t Help It’ solo show by Keef in 2017.
2. Sheet steel and double-ended grinder recordings in Keef’s studio 2019.
3. A field recording of a call to prayer from Dubai Mall in 2014.
4. Podcaster and Art Director Begona Irazabal audio messages sent in 2018.
5. Performance in Venice Biennale for Northern Ireland at Sella Dei Giardini 2017.
6. Keef and Emma in bespoke costume before destroying Keef’s sculpture with Richard Wilson at Bruno Glint gallery 2013. 
7. Apparatus of noise in Hardwick Gallery, two-person show with Merike Estna 2017.

edition of 25
produced at
launched at keef show at galeria boca, CDMX 24.08.23 - 02.09.23

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