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Sinéid Codd

'Vagina Island from a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago'

plaster and pigment

9h x 16w x 13d cm

variable edition


About the work:

Found recently at the outer edge of the archipelago, the Vagina Islands are the most colourful we have come upon so far in our navigation of this Lilliputian world. Our geologist and archaeologist inform us that all of these islands were formed from precious objects that were lost by humans.


About the artist:

Sinéid Codd lives in St Leonards on Sea. She studied MFA Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL (2016) and has an interdisciplinary practice. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in the UK and internationally. A-N, Arts Council England and SPACE London have supported her work.





Neal Von Flue

'I Remember Oranges and You Remember Gnats'

Oil on Paper

22” x 30”


'Her Father Arrested, Then Released'

Oil on Paper 

22” x 24”


'It’ll Get So Quiet When This Record Ends'

Oil on Paper

24” x 20"


About the work:

Each image in the “Technical Animal” series begins in collaboration with a Generative Adversarial Network. After the digital image has been built, I recreate the work on paper using traditional painting techniques. This exchange from digital generation to traditional manufacture is at the heart of the series- building images that don’t sit well in either space. They aspire to be familiar and confusing all at once.


About the artist:

Neal Von Flue’s art explores how we translate tradition and human aesthetics into our dynamic modern world. He has created multi-linear interactive digital stories during the days of the Jurassic Internet, and hand-painted functional QR codes that point to 100-year-old films of dying elephants. He is currently using classical methods to paint the feverish images created by Generative Adversarial Networks. Through these works and others, Neal seeks to demonstrate how we can use technology to enhance craft and individuality.


Jocelyn McGregor

'Maggot Mouth'

Stop motion animation looped



About the work:

Maggot Mouth is part of a series of stop-motion animation works started in Lockdown 2020. All of these works imagine the sculptures as alive and interacting with my body or home environment, exploring ideas around absorbency and the haunted object as well as the relationship we have with household 'pests'. The maggot we associate with dirt and rot, flies on food make my stomach turn, and yet maggots are also used to clean wounds and flies play a vital part in our ecosystems. 


About the Artist:

I’m on the hunt for the point of transition between internal and external, real and imagined worlds. Using my own body as a conduit, I explore the inside/outside topography of the female form and blur the boundaries between the natural world and the manufactured one to create super-natural hybridised objects and environments.



Ally Rosenberg

Ally Rosenberg
Soft Touch 
Expanding foam, OSB board, lacquered paint

Very, Very Cloud-Shaped
OSB board, ceramic tiles 


Artist Statement:


A playful, pseudo-anatomical approach to sculpture sees my recent work using flattened, flat-packable, or inflated forms, where bodily shapes are sliced or cast. On a material level, colour and image are inherent, revealed in cross-section, rather than only as surface properties. The result is work that is both structural and cartoonish; ironic and ambivalent. Drawing upon references from anatomical textbooks, pop-up diagrams and my background in neuroscience and MRI imaging research, the work aims to look at our perception of our own bodily object-hood as sitting in an awkward place between two and three dimensions.




Ally Rosenberg is a London-based artist from Manchester, primarily working in sculpture. His work takes an irreverent look at the body, slicing and casting materials with a structural quality that reveal a relationship between image and object. AQer graduating from Central St. Martins, he took an academic detour into cognitive neuroscience, completing an MSc at UCL and a residency at Harvard’s neuro-imaging lab. This period of research, looking at the interface of anatomical structure and conscious experience, through the multiple planes of MRI images, certainly influenced Ally’s recent sculptural work. The disquieting experience of being confronted with one’s own fragile materiality, along with one’s own fragile perceptions, is a source of humour in his work.


Kirsty Harris

'Buster Jangle-Easy'

Tapestry wall hanging

50 x 60”


'The Shield'

Oil on un-stretched linen

110 x 73cm


About the work:

Kirsty Harris presents brand new work in the form of a machine woven Tapestry for Hyper Limbo.

Based on her painting with the same title - "Buster Jangle - Easy" blurs the line between eras.

Did the atom bomb does mark the start of the Anthropocene?

If so, how does this strange weaving fit into the mix, and how will all these notions sit together in the digital, futuristic realm of Yeah Totally Gallery.

In her painting titled “The Shield” two ghost-like figures are depicted actively running away from something. The image is taken from a documentary about the escape of soldiers from an underground bunker when a thermo-nuclear test went way over the anticipated yield. 

They were given no protective clothing and had to fashion it from bed sheets in order to try and shield themselves, somewhat, from fallout - while escaping the bunker and running to the helicopter. As they exit they believe they are dead men.

About the Artist:

Harris's works across a wide range of media from vast oil paintings & projections to ceramics you can hold in your hand, all based around the imagery and data collected on the atom bomb. Referencing the scale, beauty and abhorrent nature of nuclear tests, she delves into the periphery of the subject, the myths, characters and surrounding evidence.



Keef Winter

About the Work:

'Canary Wharf' is a unique sculptural cast made from Crystacal R by Keef Winter and Nayden Hadzhiev. It is cast using a 3D printed mold that is spun to allow the crystacal to set evenly around the edges and faces. 'Canary Wharf' is a work that pinpoints One Canada Square, a London monument in the heart of an older finanical centre as a signifier of a landmark, a temple of economy and of an Apollonian space.


crystacal, terrazzo, concrete

80cm x 40cm x 40cm


'Canary Wharf'

crystacal r

30cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm


About the Artist:

Artist and Architect Keef Winter lives and works in London. His practice involves sculpture, installation, sound and performance. His recent exhibitions include: 'sky every day', with Richard Serra, N. Dash, Christine Corday, curated by B.Barretts Projects, projects+gallery, St Louis, 2020; Mahler Lewitt Residency, Spoleto 2019, ‘Can’t Help It’ (solo) at Black Tower Projects, London 2017; ‘Pre-Fix’, Unofficial Northern Ireland Pavilion, Sella Del Giardini, Venice 2017; ‘Swimming with Sharks’ (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2017; ‘On Becoming Fluid’, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham 2017; ‘Wysing Polyphonic’, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 2016; ‘Sticky Enough’, Chalton Gallery, London 2016; ’Salon Sebastian Monteux’, Glasgow International 2016; ‘Deep Inside’ (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2016; FUSO & Carpe Diem, Lisbon 2015; ‘Post-Terminal & Ex-Ultimate’, West, Den Haag 2016; ‘Center Point’ (solo), House of St. Barnabas, London 2015; ‘Let’s build our own tomb’, Matt’s Gallery, London 2015; ‘Neutral’, TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway 2014; ‘London Dust’, Chandelier Projects, London 2014; ‘Stone Dreams’ ORGY PARK, New York 2014. He is a co-director of Yeah Totally Ltd 


Plastique Fantastique


About the Work:

For Hyper-Limbo, Plastique Fantastique requested Come Quick Disaster to ask a question of the Plastique Fantastique Tarot, a fictioning technology, a device that generates stories. The Plastique Fantastique contains 52 avatars. Between 2017-20, the avatars have been manifested and channelled by: Vanessa Page, David Burrows, Alex Marzeta, Simon O’Sullivan, Mark Jackson, Motsonian, Frankie Roberts, Benedict Drew, Anna Benlloch, Charlotte Hurst, Sid Smith. The tarot reading is presented as a performance/transmission for Hyper Limbo. One suite of the Tarot, the Rogue-Tech-Avatars, will be shown in the exhibition space, each card a digital avatar and performance of past and future tech-animals.


Installation: 13no Tarot Cards with 13 no. audio recordings  

Performance at 630pm + 8.30pm - 'TRANSMISSION'

About the Artists:


Plastique Fantastique is the name of a collaboration and performance fiction investigating the relation of the aesthetic, the sacred and the political. The London-based collective – David Burrows, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page and Simon O’Sullivan – often work with others – including Mark Jackson, Motsonian, Benedict Drew, Frankie Roberts, Harriet Skully – to produce fictions concerning the relations of humans and other animals and technology, channelling avatars from the extreme past and the future. @plastique_fantastique 


Robin Haithcoat

About the work:

 “The Implications” are a species of photographic evidence collected throughout ongoing experiments (2018 - present) that test the ingredients and circumstances of what one perceives to be real. As hyper-surfaces of the present, the samples serve as negotiation stations from which to orient one's' sense and state of self.


About the Artist:

“I’m Robin Haithcoat.  

I and 24 years old. 

I live in Columbia Missouri, US. 

My pictures are my playmates. 

I build webs to catch bugs that build webs to catch me.”


Baba Ali

'We Come Out At Night'
Song and Video Remix of 'Black Wagon' (2021, Memphis Industries)
3:4 ratio

"We Come Out At Night" is a 'remix' by Baba Ali of the song and video 'Black Wagon', from his debut LP 'Memory Device'. The remix piece is a climatic evocation of nightlife and the euphoric and cathartic sensation of dance music.

About the Artist:

Baba Ali is an American-born, London based recording artist and performer. His music reveals his life's journey absorbing disco and funk from his parents and the hip hop on nyc’s hot 97, to time immersed in the techno scene in berlin, and the experimental punk spirit of his current base in the UK.
Written during lockdown, and recorded with Al Doyle (LCD Soundsystem, hot chip) in east London, 'Memory Device' is both a dizzyingly inventive exploration of Baba Ali's complex musical DNA, and a thought-provoking treatise on the collective angst of modern existence; a dance record dealing in small ‘p’ politics that, spiritually, has been three decades in the making.


Nayden Hadzhiev

About the work:

'yT Cap'

Limited edition Yeah Totally cap 3D model + IRL

Nayden graduated from the University of East London with a BA in Interior Design and has been awarded several prizes, including the Dean’s prize. His work is primarily focused on VR, digital fabrication and product design.

He is a co-director of Yeah Totally Ltd


Henrietta Armstrong

About the work:


TEMPLE OF DOLOS Installation:

DOLOS X - Temple painting centre 

80cm x 70xm 



Henrietta Armstrong

DOLOS XL - Temple painting left

150cm x 70xm 



DOLOS XR - Temple painting right

150cm x 70xm 




Installation of Dolos

Plaster IRL



The Temple of Dolos stands tall in this new hyper reality,  a futuristic dystopia where these sea defence structures are worshipped in this sacred space by an unknown civilisation. Marble panels line the walls painted with intricate dolos patterns. The interlocking mass of Dollose in the centre of the room mirrored by a second floating on the ceiling, here in HYPER LIMBO the laws of gravity don’t apply. 

As sea levels rise due to global warming the extent & severity of coastal erosion is getting worse. If nothing is done, half of the world’s sandy beaches could disappear by 2100 due to climate change induced coastal erosion and rising seas. The Dolos defends against coastal erosion by dissipating, rather than blocking, the energy of waves and reducing displacement by interlocking. The name Dolos is derived from the Afrikaans word dolos- plural dolosse, a reference to ox knuckle-joint bones used in divination practices by sangomas, South African healers or the ox knuckle bones used by African children to play the ancient game of Knucklebones. The Dolos, piled up on top of each other look like giant playing pieces from an ancient game or bones that have been scattered for the purposes of divination.

About the Artist:

Henrietta Armstrong is a multimedia artist and curator based in London, specialising in sculpture, installation and public art. She looks at man-made objects and structures from everyday technologies that are often obsolete or defunct, and the symbolism or meaning that we imbue them with. Her recent work has been looking at the brutalist forms of sea defences, sea erosion and the global threat of rising sea levels.

Henrietta Armstrong (b. 1981, Devon), studied BA Fine Art (Hons) at Sir John Cass School of Art, London, graduating in 2003. Henrietta was recently selected as a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize 2021 hosted by Broom Hill Estate in Devon and a runner up for the Soho House Art Prize 2020. Currently working on a public art commission for the village of Tytherington commissioned by Cotswold Homes & South Gloucestershire Council. This is to create a permanent sculpture celebrating Tytherington’s history and to integrate the growing community. Recent exhibitions include Recreational Grounds VI held at The Aylesbury Estate and WIMMIN II, Part of Art Licks Weekend 2019. She has exhibited extensively across London and the U.K.

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