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Cheng Zhang is an artist hails from Beijing, China, has been living, studying, and working in London, UK since 2018. He has earned one BA and one MA degree from his studying at University of the Arts London. Cheng has once held a solo exhibition ‘I Have Never Been to Beijing’ in Beijing.

Cheng’s art practice has its focus on urban landscape, his artworks’ subjects range from detailed street corners to panoramic city skyline. 

Cheng’s art style has been influenced by Impressionism, Cubism, Abstractionism, and Constructivism. He is specialized in both realistic and abstract approaches.

Cheng’s paintings are mostly made with acrylic paints, gouache paints and watercolour paints. Here’s Cheng’s own view on his life and work, as an artist: ‘Expression is what I do from perception, and I do it the way I’m good at’.

Acrylic on Board.300x400mm.2017.jpg
Acrylic on Canvas.2018.jpg
Acrylic on Board.400x300mm.2018.jpg
Gouache on Paper.546x389mm.2016.jpg
Gouache on Paper.260mm×370 mm.2016.jpg
Gouache on Paper.260mm×370 mm.2016(2).jpg
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