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Eleonora Terzieva 

Breaking free from the constraints of convention, experimenting with different painting techniques and materials, and exploring a range of subjects are key elements in my creative process.
The connections between the real and virtual, the natural and urban, the constantly shifting values of society, and our place in the fragmentation of time and space due to the fast-paced life of modern times, are questions that provoke me in my artistic pursuits.

I prefer the expressionistic approach, which involves distorting the image of reality, and in my paintings, the reality I depict is often fragmented and detailed, verging on abstraction. I aim to blur the lines between the real and the imaginary, the visible and the invisible, and the internal and the external, and to construct a synthesis between realism and abstraction.

My current obsession is to use an airbrush technique to create a light, ethereal atmosphere and to combine it with bold, highly textured brushstrokes of oil paints in contrast.
The art I create is primarily motivated by my personal experiences and happenings of the present, filtered through the lens of my sensitivity and emotions. I hope to provoke reactions and reflections in the viewer, offering them a perspective to my worldview.

Zoo_de_Vincennes_100x226_Eleonora_Terzieva (1).jpg
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