Limited run of 15 screen printed comics by Plastique Fantastique on paper (black ink on white paper)


Mars Year One Comic


"The comic illustrates the story of four Rogue Tek Animals who have escaped from the International Space station launched by a The Musky Dog, which is bound for Mars. The Tek animals had been brought aboard against their will to undertake jobs that will facilitate the colonisation of Mars once they arrive. 


Their mission, lead by C.I.M.O.N a rogue A.I, is to reach Mars first and save the rest if their Kin.


The first form of the comic was created for ‘Mars Year Zero’ an exhibition and film shown in Southwark Park Gallery September to November 2019. It was then produced as a limited edition screen print for the TEK-ANIMAL-LIFE Rendezvous night of performances at Reactor Halls, Nottingham in February 2020.


It is printed on both sides of a 70cm x 73cm piece of paper with black ink, which is folded down to a 36.5cm x 35cm comic.”


£100 + pp £10 to UK/World

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